The magic word!

Do not read this if you are not interested in what the magic word ”why” means. A key that opens the way in the direction of truth.

Darkness spreads where light does not take its place!

But the light can be lit through action!

A society that crumbles through hatred, branding, hangings, violence and negativity.

The darkness cannot protect itself against the light, therefore the darkness censors the light’s questioning.

The truth can be questioned but the lie does not!

”The question” is the word that must be used when the question provides an answer.

The issue belongs to a civilized, egalitarian society, but censorship does not, Censorship belongs to absolute power. As long as it moves within human rights, free speech, democracy and dissent. The world is everyone’s place, it is important not to forget. History shows what man is capable of such as Hitler, Josef Stalin and sadly many more who tried to privilege one kind of people on our globe! This we must never forget and this we must never accept or repeat. Today’s society is really still about the people and the elite, and it has probably always been about that fundamentally. Who should have the right to power? The people or those who own the most?

The darkness uses people’s fear and dread!

Love and light use harmony, common sense, wisdom, wisdom in truth.

The darkness is insane and knows no bounds.

It wants to crack a united beautiful people by pitting us ordinary people against each other.

Many of us go on the errands of the dark souls in the belief that they act in the sign of goodness. Kindness is not dealt with through hatred and accusations but truthful grounds, violence, or branding.

The sign of goodness is reasoning and communication with respect for dissenters as not everyone thinks the same and not everyone is developed the same. This is the beautiful diversity we must be aware of.

This is easy to remember.

Who are the dark souls?

It is all action that creates death, fear, terror, hatred, poverty, withholding of the truth and powerlessness, everything that lacks love!

A divided people is easy to rule and when the information no longer has the framework of wisdom it is easy to get lost, well as parts of society seem to be today!

Evil eats up the possibility of the light if no one dares to light want to say, then the darkness of evil eats itself like a black hole in the universe.

It’s time to open those beautiful eyes and start questioning everything that happens as a lot is interconnected!

Dare to question for oneself, for one’s own self-respect, for one’s children and one’s fellow human beings, including animals and nature. Let the compass of lust show the way as the compass of fear shows the opposite direction.

Goodness does not equal education, positions in society, cleverness or titles.

Goodness comes from within, where egoism has not taken hold, where you dare to expose yourself because you believe in morality and ethics, where everyone’s equal value lies in the balance.

Who are you?

You are your own actions

Who am I?

I am my own actions

We are our choices and actions whether anyone sees us or not!

Everything else is a distortion of reality and it is not the path of light and love where there is respect for the truth.

Your choices and mine matter.

Life is magic and a Miracle!

Think about it, no one ever has a proof how life could have arisen, it’s all just theories!!!

I’m not rejecting anyone’s beliefs, but that’s how it is!

Just one example of many:

How can your billions of billions of cells know how to build you up including all your organs and functions. It takes billions of billions of connections between cells without wrong connections for us to exist on this planet 🌍.

Could this be a coincidence? How big is that probability? Yes, think about it!!!!

God or not, but it is a Miracle.

Therefore, it is important to be who we are with our reason, intuition, heart and love!

Life matters and all that is in this miracle.

The meaning of life is probably the continuation of existence in the love and light sign that fertilizes all life.

That is why our choices are so important so that this incredible diversity exists in the open framework of freedom and the door down to the negative spirals is closed once and for all.

But to close these gates, we must see through the darkness’s deceptive array of a twisted reality.

History shows the way and today the history of tomorrow is written.

The blindness disappears with the question and the word ”why”. Why why and again why. For each answer there is a new question and a new ”Why”

Through this seeker’s path, the truth is approached and the blindness gradually disappears.


Sign of the times:

Its time tp Rock the world again!!!

Feel free to share if you want!


Love Peace Understanding

Remember: Questions give knowledge

Free Speech gives a Free world

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