The magical gate to the rainforest!

The tree of Life tour 2023

The magical gates open to the rainforests of Brazil
at the beginning of winter 2023 where the team Bengt Carlsson and Leon Rabelo invited with Magnus Rosén and who meet Kulturen i Amazonas jungle with, among other things, their own music.

A hopeful idea about the preservation of the Amazon and its habitat, both for people and biodiversity. With music, we want to illuminate and enlighten about the ’tree of life’ in the Amazon. This must be done within the framework of a cultural and artistic collaboration between Sweden and local organizations in the Amazon.

Our first goal is a musical multimedia performance with a premiere in the Amazon, Brazil, namely in the historic opera house of the city of Manaus, the so-called. ”Teatro do Amazonas”. The performance will feature both Swedish and Brazilian musicians. In addition to music, we will convey images and information about the Amazon, the threats it faces, but above all hopeful initiatives for its conservation.
Then the same performance will be performed in different concert venues in Sweden. In addition to its artistic value, we will thus increase the awareness of the Swedish public about what can be done to protect the Amazon.

Participants from Sweden:

Magnus Rosén, electric bass player who previously played with the hard rock band ’Hammerfall’, but who also worked with his music in several social projects and with different audiences. In connection with the visit, a video will be recorded of Magnus playing his electric bass in the rainforest, probably hoisted in a tall tree. This video content will then be able to be used in the concerts in Sweden. Magnus will also visit the Academy of Music in Manaus to hold workshops with the music students, and he will also visit communities along the Amazon River, where he will provide information about his artistic work and perform ’musical bridge building’.

It’s time to Rock the world again!

Photo –
Bengt Persson.


Love Peace Understanding
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