The peace!!!!

The peace!!!

Let those beautiful eyes be open and question, don’t follow without understanding who you are following.

* Believing in peace can never be justified by war or supporting this business!

Peace is created with intellect, diplomacy, problem solving, respect and understanding for all parties until peace is a fact.

In war, only innocent people die, young and old, women, men and children.
Those who cause war are a small group of people who manipulate us ordinary people with propaganda, then they send us to the war zones to kill people we have never met.
While the perpetrators and bandits who cause war sit and toast some Chatou far from the center of war and watch a game board as innocent people kill each other.

Reality is not like a cowboy movie or a war movie where you resolve the conflict with war to make someone angry. ( at which workplace do you solve problems with weapons? ) then I don’t mean the police etc.!
But it is precisely such feelings that make us angry and hateful that are encouraged through propaganda to bring us to this diabolical act that is war. (so also cracking in society)
War is sadly business that we ordinary people pay for with our tax dollars and our lives.

The one who starts a war is not a superman or God, but a man who is insane and empathetic in a power-crazed body.
Ordinary people must then run the errands of these heartless people where the little person has no significant value.
Let these warmongers go into the lion’s den themselves, there they themselves can hold on as long as no innocent people, animals and nature are harmed.
Then you can put these billions upon billions of dollars that this arms industry costs to create a healthy world in peace where you fight poverty and injustice with knowledge / education. To subsidize all green products so people can afford to choose green for a healthy, healthy and beautiful world 🌍!!!

Why is man so destructive to his own species (Homosapiens) plus animals and nature.

As I see it, we have been given a responsibility with our intelligence.
But sometimes it feels like wisdom and prudence shine with their absence!

Why is man like that
”afraid” to question their own and others’ best interests, why ??? (is it the fear of standing up for something) the fear that someone will judge one’s right to have their own opinion?
He who judges judges himself with the exposure of his own face.
There is the difference between us humans, it is not cultures or skin colors that are the essential difference but the color and development of our souls that separate us!!!

Let those beautiful eyes be open and question, don’t follow without understanding who you are following.

Love Peace Understanding

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