The World and Times

Album: The World and Times

Yes, now the mix will soon be finished with Magnus Rosén Band

It will be sooooo good, maybe the best album I recorded and then I have recorded over 40 albums, so it say much.

I have really brought with me such cruel and sensitively fine musicians who have offered their entire artistic vein.

This will be a firework of music that throws itself through the years i had as a musician.

A brand of ruthless modeling in different music styles, old hits and newly written music.

Janne Schaffer – Abba, 

Tony Martin – Fd Black Sabbath, 

Jonas Hansson – Silver Mountain,

Mikael Erlandsson – Secred Service

Influences from Hammerfall on bass, 

Classical world pianist George Keczan, 

my good playmate Jörgen Alnevall, And not least my old friend Chitral Somapala who is a superstar in Sri Lank plus world-touring musicians from Firewind, 

Stefan Blomquist who played with everything and everyone, among others. a Björn J son Lind.

Magnus Rosén Band:

Rapael Mattos from Shadowside The guitarist with a big G

Fabio Buitvidas – Shadowside on Drums and as a monster producer on this album.

Biggest thanks for this awesome game everyone has managed and bid on. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ️ ️

In December, everything should be mixed and ready.

Then it’s time to find a record deal.

Hoping for record release 2021.

This entire line-up should possibly be able to perform live later on where you want a firework of music.

P.s had invited some awesome girls (artists) to the record but they unfortunately had obstacles.

Who knows, they might show up at live concerts later.


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