There lies the golden key to reality, sustainability and long-term freedom!!!

I am so happy and grateful for life’s adventures with both setbacks and successes.
It gives me the opportunity to grow in the soul, and gain new perspectives!

Since I still can’t take anything more than love and friendship with me in my soul when it’s time to hang up the towel, I learn in the school of life to appreciate and value life on its miraculous invitation to and from mother earth.
A trip like no other!

To be free is to have the right to decide for yourself, to think and think for yourself. To feel, taste, smell and love.
To enjoy beautiful things without being enchanted and obsessed by the allure of dead things that have no value without the existence of life.
It’s freedom!!!

Friends, knowledge, wisdom, wisdom, but above all kindness and love are what fertilize us with harmony and well-being.

Being carefule  of each other creates peace and friendship of various kinds.

Mother Earth invites us out every day.
She quenches our thirst from the source of life which is water.
She offers clean air that allows us to take a deep, powerful breath that makes us wake up.
A soil that is fertile where we can plant and harvest.
A forest full of berries and the scents of diversity that hang so wonderfully in the air!
Add to that the symphonies of chirping birds and the beautiful deer watching us from afar.

All this is free but not obvious, so the question is what do we give back to mother earth, animals and nature as a thank you for the existence of life?

It is becoming time to open the curtain from the illusion, the obsession and the endless paths of the labyrinth.

To try to open those beautiful eyes to see.
Using our magnificent ears to hear.
To then balance emotions and reason with a wise sorting in life’s mental scales.
There lies the golden key to reality, sustainability and long-term freedom!!!

Love Peace Understanding
Remember: Questions give knowledge
Free Speech gives a Free world

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