Time to go home from China 🇨🇳 !

Its time to go home from a fantastic China!🇨🇳!

I hope the people in China  🇨🇳 Will stay healthy and i Wish that the Corona-viruses will soon be gone and China Will shine again!!!🌝🌞✨☀️

The first i Will do is to call the Hospital and check my healthy!!! 

❤️ Most impotent thing!❤️

Here in China i got luck 🎩🙏 played my bass show on Chinese tv, performed on several event with meny fantastic Chinese artists😀🎩!

Also on some v.i.p dinners 😉🎩

Thanks for everything!!!🎩🙏🇨🇳

And see you soon!🇨🇳 🇸🇪 

No its time to go on with my life for the moment in Sweden with my Lectures about

 ” Dreams, vision and hope for the Future ” 

in schools and Company’s!

Plus music performance of course!❤️🙏🎩

Time to make New footprint in to 2020!


My new facebook site: https://m.facebook.com/magnusrosensweden?ref=bookmarks





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