To be liked!!!

Most people want to be liked.
The question is whether it is difficult to fulfill?

To be or to be liked is rarely about knowing the best or having the strongest opinions !!

But giving other people space with their opinions and personalities usually creates a good relationship, from there
the feeling of just ”liking”
If you like yourself with other people, that feeling is often transmitted to the people you meet.

”Understanding someone else” can also give a domino effect that gives the feeling of just ”liking” from the one who is understood.
Putting oneself as an omniscient person usually has the opposite effect.

Our 1000 truths in most issues depend on perspective and angle of approach, something that can be good to have with you instead of fighting over your particular angle of approach, maybe both are right depending on which direction you see it all.

When it comes to the political part, all lying should be banned. A democracy should be a mouthpiece for the people with a policy where the citizen can recognize himself.
This creates the feeling of ”liking”

Love peace understanding.


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