Well now the madness has started once again in our upside down world.

War must always be stopped at all costs, this applies to all sides. At the same time, power struggles do not belong among innocent people.

But that is exactly where war is being fought, precisely among innocent people.

Do the rulers want to fight with their mental illnesses, your welcome. Dig a pit where the leaders can hold on.

But do not involve innocent people.

This mental illness is sadly quite common but gets worse and more visible with greater power.

This is where democracy should benefit, but if we do not look up, it has also crackled.

Then it will not be easy.

War is of course insane and it gets even worse when you see that only the innocent die in a war.

But those who start war can take a glass of champagne in a crystal glass and raise their hand for a bowl.

The arms industry is rocking its hands with stock dividends pumping and standing when the little man takes orders to murder with their weapons.

That the world is so undeveloped that we say yes to war, yes to all this money that goes to research into insane weapons that only kill us innocent people. This money could go to the third world to build a good planet for us who live out here in a fairly empty universe when it comes to life forms anyway. Should we not be careful about this incredibly beautiful paradise we have been able to partake of, our mother earth.

We ordinary people in different countries pay for war with our taxes. But this is not enough, then we ordinary people will go out and murder other innocent ordinary people with whom we have never met or have anything to say.

Imagine if the soldiers had fallen asleep, well then there would have been no war.

Without soldiers no war.

A thought before recruiting.

A war cannot start with an ordinary person, it must take place through people who think they are for more than other people (some of the people in power)

Here in this beautiful world, we usually let people who shout the loudest rule.

The wise and knowledgeable man usually shines with his absence.

Power in the world does not belong to the light, and we all human beings must say no to this once and for all.

The darkness destroys everyone in the end as it is empathetic and insane.

Let us pray that the war in Ukraine does not escalate and that it will end quickly.


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