What exactly is evil?

What exactly is evil?

Evil is, as I see it, an undeveloped human being where precisely those parts are missing in the mind that give and create love, empathy, understanding and wisdom for life forms around.

We should feel sorry for those who practice power perfection (evil) as this is a defect.

Yes, it’s clearly difficult, but it creates a healthy attitude, instead of fear.

These evil people need people who put down the good foot, otherwise their development can never bear tasty fruits.

This will be a waste of souls withering in their own plant.

Love blows over the world and provides opportunities that wait like berries on a bush.

All you have to do is pick them up. But other words make your choices out of love and not out of fear.

The tree of intelligence has many branches.

Intelligence does not mean that someone is good or evil, it is independent.

Goodness, wisdom and prudence are another type of intelligence that is intertwined with empathy and the ability to anticipate the consequences of an action.

In other words, a humanism including all life forms including animals and nature. Quite simply an adult soul who in turn can create the conditions for life and a future on this planet

White is not always white, as the cover of darkness can often present itself in white.

Open your beautiful eyes, there is much to discover.

The ”question” is the key




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