Wonder ful point 9 of 10

Just read the first review of our new album:
Its Time to Rock The World Again.
Soooooo fun!!!!!!!

Release on April 21.

Our first video Glitter and Blood.

Our second Video Sign of the Times is coming on April 21st

The album is available at Sound Pollution https://www.soundpollution.se/en/produkt/its-time-to-rock-the-world-again/

Tracklist CD:

  1. The World and Times
  2. Glitter and Blood
  3. Something
  4. Circus
  5. Heart on Fire
  6. Terminator
  7. Paper planes
  8. Street Fighting man
  9. Sign of the time
  10. The Winner takes it all
  11. Dressed to Kill
  12. Aint no Sunshine when she’s gone

Fabio Buitvida’s drums
Raphael Mattos guitar
Zenny Gram voice
Mikael Erlandsson keyboard
Magnus Rosén bass

Special guest on the album

Janne Schaffer – Guitar
Tony Martin – Vocals
George Keczan – Piano and keyboard
Chitral Somapala – Vocals
Jonas Hansson – Guitar
Stefan Blomquist – Keyboard, piano
Elsa Li Jones – Vocals
Eric Galdyanz – VocalsIvan
Martin’s – Vocals
Jörgen Alnevall – Vocals

The Golden management team:
Christian Hobohm
Ole Bang


Love Peace Understanding
Remember: Questions give knowledge
Free Speech gives a Free world


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