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I am an Ambassador for RNS – the National Union of Stations: A Narcotic-Free Society Magnus Rosén – Ambassador for Green CrossP.e.a.c.e on Mother EarthGreen-Cross I am an Ambassador for RSK national association stop men’s violence against women I am an Ambassador for an attempt at spiritual maturity @followers @all @everyone #bahiarock #brazil…


Love peace understanding

A healthy food for thought!The religion is not devastating but people who use the region as a tool of power and use / take advantage of unquestioning people!!* Peace begins with friendship* Make the world a better place* Love, p.e.a.c.e & understandingMaybe it’s time to open those beautiful eyes!Magnus

Bai Bang

Thank you!!!!

With this wonderful Nordic folk tone, I want to thank you so heartily for the congratulations on my birthday. Life’s adventure continues with completed 61 years! The years create new reflections and perspectives that interest me so much.It provides a localization in life’s exciting journey.Hugs 🥰 Magnus Rosén * Peace starts with friendship* Make the…

Just open your perspective

Remember before hate and fear eat away all reason.Peace is made with friendship!!!Guns kill innocent people!!! Are we getting true information about the world situation or does it feel like it lacks objectivity? You can choose in the EU the choice of love for people and society, not out of fear that cracks us ordinary…


Lilly Nails

Just a nail Commerce with Magnus Rosén on YouTube check the link: Why not use Lilly Nails if you want to add some color to life!In the past, men had long hair, jewelry, etc17th / 18th century But suddenly they cut their hair and took off their jewelry.For my part, I don’t care, the…


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