What is a ball at the castle

What is a ball at the castle, yes it was Sleeping Beauty who said it?  Absolutely wonderful!!!!  Right answer is of course Cinderella, smile. The fairy tale is needed and sows the seed into reality where some can pick the flower. The gate out of Thorskog Castle.   Now summer is coming and then it should…

A Nobel laureate and a Rocker!


A Nobel laureate and a Rocker! Mohamed Yunus, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, and Magnus Rosén Right ✅ choice creates peace!!!War is never a solution to peace. It is only a justification of power perfection through propaganda where objectivity shines with its absence!!! Peace is the future and it starts small with peaceful choices in…

My book!

Now that my book is out in all libraries throughout Sweden, an English version is on G and an audiobook will be made during the summer!Yes, then it feels like my book has made a nice entrance on all levels, which is very fun!Many thanks to Avelibooks!!! For those who are interested in having the…

Basen i mitt hjärta

Jag signerar min bok kl 18.00 i Kungsbacka i dag fredag juni 2 vid Norra Torg utanför rest Esters!!” Går även att köpa boken ”  Tv 4 Nyhetsmorgon ang bokenLänken till inslaget:http://www.tv4play.se/program/nyhetsmorgon/20484344 Sedan kl 19.00 bjuder vi upp till live musikMen vänner !!!Mikael, Denis, Musslan, Magnus  Love Peace UnderstandingRemember: Questions gives knowledgeFree Speech gives a…


Välkommen till Irish Ambassy på lördag juni 3 Kl 20.00! Magnus Love Peace UnderstandingRemember: Questions gives knowledgeFree Speech gives a Free world www.magnusrosen.comwww.magnusrosenband.comwww.culturemeetsindustry.com #varvcafebar #brännö #livemusic #magnusrosenband #outsidetherockbox #soundpollution#avelibooks #mikaelerlandsson #phantommedia #soundpollution#magnusrosen #bassplayer #ljuset #miraklet #basenimitthjärta #avelibooks #mrb #manneinstrument #manneguitars #ebs #understanding #thesea #sun #heavymetal

Glitter and Blood


Glitter and Blood! To question is to shed light in order to locate oneself in order to make good choices in front of a beautiful bright world!! It is easy to believe that The powers of the world use the same tools but with different colors and costumes! It is luxurious and glittering on the…


Jörgen Alnevall, Jens Ericsson, Ulf Edelbrant, Magnus Rosén
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