A nice evening at the Chines konsulat

China’s General Consul and me! A nice invitation at the Chinese Consulate this evening. After 13 visits to China 🇨🇳, these meetings are always more appreciated as it broadens perspectives and friendships! Photo Sunshine Magnus. Love Peace Understanding Remember: Questions give knowledge Free Speech gives a Free world #magnusrosenband #outsidetherockbox #soundpollution #moderearth #spiritual #jonashansson #avelibooks…

The sleeping people!


Irony and reality can sometimes be close to each other. The sleeping people! We sleep so heavily in an illusion that everything is done for our own good! In the history of man we find a conclusion. Even though people are injured and die in war, shot on our streets and in our homes in…

My Book

Some thoughts about my book: The bass in my heart from, among others, the guitar legend from ABBA Janne Schaffer:This is a nice sincere honest book. You get to experience his travels around the world and his generosity. Magnus Has a big heart with the base in the center Erik Blix radio, television journalist and…

Labyrinth between the truth and the lies

The razor-sharp message of the truths is spread with the insidious tentacles of the untruths. Pointing to our differences between us people gives precisely a misleading effect and a weakened society. Pointing out our differences between us people creates more of a crackling effect than an understanding with strengthened community. The exact opposite of how…

Love and Friendship

Yesterday we recorded the 4th song and Video for our brothers and sisters in Nigeria with BJ Sam.Mikael Erlandsson, Helge Hanssen, Magnus Rosén The world famous jazz flutist / saxophonist Biggi Vinkeloe has also recorded his part. BJ Sam writes songs about love and friendship between us humans on mother earth. A message that should…

Första sidan

YiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeFörsta sidan i Lokalpressen i Lerum i dagMagnus. Magnus.Love Peace UnderstandingRemember: Questions gives knowledgeFree Speech gives a Free world


Jörgen Alnevall, Jens Ericsson, Ulf Edelbrant, Magnus Rosén
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