A letter to our prime minister in Sweden

Just sent a letter to our Prime Minister in Sweden Hello Ulf Kristiansson. My question is when do you intend to remove the censorship from both the internet and the social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc. What is being censored now is against the Freedom of Expression Act It’s one thing if it’s hate…

Lecture with Magnus Rosén

Why do like others!😉 Getting everyone on the train!Dream visions and faith in the future! Together we are strong! Dare to dream and have visions is required to create a belief in the future which then gives opportunities! From yesterday at Rotary Gothenburg / Örgryte To understand, we must always question! The earth is not…


Lectures in Rotary


Life is like a riddle that has roses and thorns, t.r.u.t.h.s and l.i.e.s  that can constantly twist our minds to the light or the dark! Blessed is he who listens to his heart and follows the path of love and not fear 🙏🙌❤️ Perhaps this is finally part of the simple answer to the riddle?!…

Bai Bang

Yeeeeeeeeeeeee when does the countdown to England start.HRH UK Rock Festival with i.a. Quit Riot, Madam x, Bai Bang and many more this 3 day festival7-8-9 March 2024 The rock’s sail must be hoisted with the rock flag of freedom at the top! Its time to Rock 👉❤️🤘 Magnus Rosen – Ambassador for Green CrossP.e.a.c.e…

Mikael & Magnus

Mikael Erlandsson & Magnus Rosén! We Will Rock in Stenkullen tonight Make the world a better placeLove, p.e.a.c.e & UnderstandingQuestions give knowledgeFree s.p.e.e.c.h gives a F.r.e.e World @followers @all @everyone #mikaelerlandsson @följare #baibang #sverigesriksdag #nyheterna#allfollowers #avelibooks #alibris #hammerfall #wackenopenair #basenimitthjärta #ebs #greencross#prideandjoy #magnusrosen#magnusrosen #ebs #factorbasses #hardrock#rock #rockmusic #glamrock


Jörgen Alnevall, Jens Ericsson, Ulf Edelbrant, Magnus Rosén
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