Happy New Dragons year

I want to wish 1.5 billion people – our brothers and sisters on mother earth a Happy New Year of the Dragon 2024. Celebrated yesterday at the Chinese consulate with good food and nice people. Magnus


Sometimes a blind person can see more than someone with good vision.The piercing sharpness of the perspective may seem magical but is only clarity. You can’t understand everything, but together we can understand a lot by putting together the puzzle of insights.All that is needed is togetherness, love, respect, understanding and f.r.e.d The earth is…

Humens right helps to understand

Is it the case that the common man stands blinded before the dark powers where objectivity shines with its absence. If nothing else, it will be interesting to hear Tucker Carlsson’s interview: The world is upside down and we ordinary people have the right to hear both sides as innocent people die in w.a.r…



Our song Hearts On Fire which we released in the glory days of Hammerfall has been viewed more than 30 million times on ( youtube )Over 83 million have listened to ( spotify ) It’s not that bad😀. Here is the new remastered version on video withHearts on Fire But now it’s Bai Bang…

When the bass speaks in Sweden

When the bass speaks in Sweden 🇸🇪 !Nice memory. #magnusrosen #bassplayer #tour #mannebass #manneinstrum #manneguitars #me #you #love #peace #understanding #sweden

Just some practice in my kitchen

An ordinary Hottentot day in my kitchen.Thinking and trying out different ideas for my Bassolo which is available in longer and shorter versions. Here is a mid-length version that slowly modulates forward. Today there will be thoughts and games for a Chinese song for China and an African song for Nigeria which will be recorded…


Jörgen Alnevall, Jens Ericsson, Ulf Edelbrant, Magnus Rosén
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