Ett själsligt uttryck i Kyrkmiljö:Mikael Erlandsson & Magnus Rosén.Den 6e april Nössemarks kyrka kl 17.00! ( Dalsland ) Hjärtligt välkommen! Make the world a better placeLove, p.e.a.c.e & UnderstandingQuestions give knowledgeFree s.p.e.e.c.h gives a F.r.e.e World Magnus Rosen – Ambassador for Green CrossP.e.a.c.e on Mother EarthGreen-Cross @followers @all @everyone @följare #baibangn#allfollowers #avelibooks #alibris…


Vapen Förbud

I dag blev det bestämt att all typ av militär, av alla slag blir förbjudetDå detta bara förstärker m.a.k.tmissbruk, och kostar oskyldiga människors skattepengar.Detta sker och rättfärdigas med s.k.r.ä.m.s.e.l.p.r.o.p.a.g.a.n.d.a. Det innebär att skatten kommer att gå till människan och ett friskt s.a.m.h.ä.l.l.e och inte till att gynna k.r.i.g.s industrin och deras aktieägare och agenda! Ledsen…

A nice concert in Spain

A wonderful concert with Bai Bang in Benidorm! Such a great audience that cheered us on in Benidorm, the content was that we were bursting with joy in the game, a simple give and take.I also want to raise the flag for the association that were cruel.What a night it was at Rockstar yiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! On…

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from Spain 🇪🇸 Am so grateful that the joy, light and hope feel so great. To never forget, the possibilities are there as long as we live.!!!The positive spirals must be spread in the direction of the future at all costs. 👉❤️. Because that’s why we celebrate Easter!!!To carry the light and love…

Bai Bang on Tour

Bai Bang on tour!!! The witches just went to Blåkulla and the goblins went to Benidorm! Yesterday was a flying day which resulted in the fact that it will never be the airline Wizz Air again!But shall not go into this further! Today we have enjoyed a good Spanish breakfast at a restaurant out on…

Bai Bang to Spain

Yes, then the base and the suitcase are packed!Tonight the flight leaves with Bai Bang to Benidorm / Spain! 🇪🇸 A little spring sun feels welcome!!! What more can be said than that it is:Time to Rock 👉❤️🤘 ☝️One of the most important things in life is to enjoy the possibilities in the positive spirals!It…


Jörgen Alnevall, Jens Ericsson, Ulf Edelbrant, Magnus Rosén
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