Bai Bang on Tour

Bai Bang on tour!!!

The witches just went to Blåkulla and the goblins went to Benidorm!

Yesterday was a flying day which resulted in the fact that it will never be the airline Wizz Air again!
But shall not go into this further!

Today we have enjoyed a good Spanish breakfast at a restaurant out on a pavement, the mood of the band is at its peak and Maundy Thursday has just started!

When I woke up this morning I took the bass out of the case and opened the morning with some deep bass tones.

We live in Diddi’s house where all of us in the band can fit!
👉❤️🤘! Thanks for this!

Tonight there will be some nice restaurant visits and maybe a little check on the city by the Mediterranean.

A good start to Easter 🐣 I’d say the weekend.

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