Rolls-Royce & Bentley magazine no. 2 – 2024

There was room for a tough guy in this magazine 😜, or hm, maybe more of a happy softy man, smile🥰 Photo:Bengt Persson www.artphotosweden.seIsuru Jayasuriya www.isurujfoto.comAnneli JohanssonSunshine Johansson Magnus.* Peace starts with friendship* Make the world a better place* Love, p.e.a.c.e & Understanding A small step towards a better world:I am an Ambassador for RNS – the…


Kanske ses!

Ses på Norra Torg / Kungsbacka i morgon onsdag kl 19.00 Då gästar jag lite med Kungsbackas stoltheter Mikael Erlandsson, Denis Siret Yurtsever, Thord och Musslan.Mer info Magnus * Peace starts with friendship* Make the world a better place* Love, p.e.a.c.e & Understanding Photo Gabriel HenningsonArt Julia Zeninskaya Jag är Ambassadör för RNS –…

Believe your self!

A healthy society should have politicians who bowed to their people for the trust and work well done for the residents and the good of the country. This current political structure is sadly creating bigger and bigger problems in a non-democratic spirit. Self-absorbed politicians who are more interested in their party’s power instead of the…


Argentina !!!! Bai Bang , la legendaria banda sueca por primera vez en Argentina! Latin American Tour 2024 Viernes 1º de Noviembre-18hrs UNICLUB (CABA) Sabado 2 de Noviembre – 21hrs ZADAR (WILDE) Producen @bierkcoproducciones @anubismusicshows @emergentmetalfest

Summer with a Swedish folktone

Photo Bengt Persson


Önskar dig ett fint sommarsolståndets afton.

Bai Bang

The sail is rigged and the rock flag is at its peak!Rock summer in Germany 🇩🇪 with Bai Bang! 👉❤️🤘! Link: @followers @all @everyone #bahiarock #brazil @följare #baibang #wacken #wackenopenair#allfollowers #avelibooks #alibris#basenimitthjärta #ebs#proudandjoy #lillynails #magnusrosen #arko #rns#magnusrosen #ebs #factorbasses #hardrock#rock #rockmusic #glamrock #metal


Bass & Coffee in my house in the forest

Well then I’m done with my new little Bassolo! Have scaled it down from 12 min to just over 3 min.Short and concise!!! The kitchen is a good rope place, close to the coffee maker 😜. Fun with some different variations in the playing. The next step will probably be to rig up my 7…


Café Marmelad

Nikolas Gialtrinos som precis köpt ett café i Majorna, med lite Grekisk tusch!Café Marmelad ❤️ Uteservering, både varmt och kallt finns att inta samt lite att dricka, även något glas till crepesen!Mariagatan 17!!! Finns livemusik jam 2 gånger i veckan: torsdag och söndag mellan 16.00-18.00Blir mitt nya häng 👉❤️🙏. Önskar en god och fin harmonisk…


Reach out your hand!

Reach out a hand, that’s how friendships can start. Anyone who believes that war is a solution should think twice and see how to solve problems at work, school, family, etc. Anyone who uses violence in these contexts probably understands that peace is created by friendship and understanding, not by oppression and domination . War…

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