Humens right helps to understand

Is it the case that the common man stands blinded before the dark powers where objectivity shines with its absence.

If nothing else, it will be interesting to hear Tucker Carlsson’s interview:

The world is upside down and we ordinary people have the right to hear both sides as innocent people die in w.a.r

No normal person is for w.a.r therefore peace is the only solution in a civilized world.
Only the dark souls use the tool w.a.r

Being close to one’s aggressions, judgments and h.a.t. is, as I see it, a shortcoming.
But to let love, wisdom, prudence, objectivity and human rights be one’s companion, maybe the world can become a civilization that is civilized with the symbol of the pre-eminent raised.

The earth is not an evil place, but the actions of some people are evil and are spread through unquestioning people.

Make the world a better place
Love, p.e.a.c.e & Understanding
Questions give knowledge
Free s.p.e.e.c.h gives a F.r.e.e World

Magnus Rosen – Ambassador for Green Cross

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