Just a fairytale in Yin and Yangs world

A fairy tale that flew into this time period about a reality and these strengths versus weaknesses.

”Good vs. Evil”

This utopia is not available to the one who follows fear.

Mind you, I’m not saying it’s like this which would be devastating.

Without this, only possibilities or impossibilities in a world of Yin and Yang filled with truths and illusions!

The story begins like this:

Friends in a group of the same kind usually stick together.

Kind of like an old order of knights.

One plans, executes and protects.

Let’s say that the cardinal directions are East vs. West, South and North (with the power underlying secrets)

They know each other and are perhaps a bit of the same scrap and grain when it comes to farming the p.o.w.e.r at all costs is a sweetness some souls hunger for, a type of vampire or a dark soul that devours the light.

The person who has a value that can be calculated generates money for systems that will build a functioning society.

(the recipient and distributor is P.a.r.l.a.m.e.n.t. which sadly feels more like a Riksdag theater)

But what happens instead of a secure s.o.c.i.e.t.y is perhaps an illusion that instead escalates of v.i.o.l.e.n.c.e more poor-pensioners, companies fail due to high prices and purchasing power goes hand in hand, which is easy to understand, etc.

When this falls, insecurity, fear and worry begin to take hold.

The D.e.m.o.c.r.a.c.y shines with its absence and is more easily accepted when the fear and confusion

growing. It should be the other way around, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Yes, what a maneuver and what ruler technique is staged.

Yes, this story is about where the forces of light and darkness meet.

Think what a powerful secret order of knights these ot p.o.w.e.r. people possibly have!

We have G 7, it may not be a knight order but a m.a.k.t.e.n.’s society, the World E.c.o.n.o.m.i.c Forum is another society, etc.

And orders of secret caliber abound, perhaps closer to you than you think.

A potential eye opener!

We know that what happens in Sweden happens in other countries at the same time that expensive prices = smaller wallets, more crime, the West creates an illusion that there are more genders than men and women, yes this can be due to confusion and oppression at the same time the little man in the belief that he is free!

Obviously not saying that it is wrong or right to be biased one way or the other, but there are still only men and women in the human race. Instead of the people becoming united and strong, accepting and respected, we become divided and weak. From a people to small groups of minorities.

When the the p.a.n.d.e.m.i.c broke out, most countries acted simultaneously with the same rhetoric, just as a world g.o.v.e.r.n.m.e.n.t already existed but invisible to the people. Now we see that there is a lot of evidence and questions where answers are conspicuous by their absence. Just like you want to hide something that was planned. Anyone who questions will be branded, most of us probably see that, and maybe even you yourself!

Influenza and v.i.r.u.s.e.s exist and have existed every year, so also in 2019 / 2020. But this time they did something that no one was prepared for. They used scaremongering that permeated the entire system with the result of falls for the economy, higher death tolls and injuries after what we were almost forced to do. Right or wrong, but it should be in everyone’s interest to get answers to all the questions that disprove that this approach was right.

Then came the w.a.r as ordered, now in several countries at the same time.

The West then scares all the already scared people from the pandemic period and now we are scared of the East.

One can imagine that in the East everyone is equally frightened in the same way in front of the West.

I know that some countries in the East have issued forms to prepare for k.r.i.g., just as sheets have been issued in Sweden.

Exactly the same rhetoric that scares and creates both hatred and confusion.

We know that the World E.c.o.n.o.m.i.c forum has west p.o.l.i.t.ic.a.n and billionaires who preach very friendly to the east, especially to some countries.

So Western politicians who at the same time scare us for the East and in the next breath praise the East as leading countries in other forums!

Just an interesting reflection.

When people get scared, they justify greater financial allocations to the m.i.l.i.t.a.r.y or say yes to foreign m.i.l.i.t.a.r.y of power in their own country.

Thus, the little man in many countries is milked for his tax money to get more weapons that can kill the man precisely because of the fear!

Ask yourself: Who is at w.a.r. in the world? Only the little man who does not question, who creates war, only the e.l.i.t.e and the dark souls !!!! Which of these 2 groups die and which of these 2 groups become even richer due to w.a.r?

Most of them see that s.o.c.i.e.t.y has planted crackling, that is, the people against the people in different ways.

Cultures against cultures, gender against gender, add to that all of them and the 32 other genders that apparently exist nowadays in the newly created illusion.

Who is talking about this anxiety that young confusing people suffer after gender reassignment???

Political opinions against each other many times with hatred and labeling that we have never seen the husband of before, etc

All to silence the questioning. This should be an eye opener!!!

Everyone is against everyone and everyone is afraid and hateful of each other in a crackling decay.

Just like that, we are scared at the same time by the countries in the East versus in the East versus the West, etc

The thought struck me that all of us ordinary people, Russians as Americans, Europeans as Asians, etc. yes we the people of the countries.

Everyone has a tax value, that is to draw tax money into the system which at the same time scares and triggers us people against each other and the V.a.p:e.n industry just grows and grows.

Maybe it’s the case that ”E.l.i.t.e ” yes those who know each other and have more in common with each other than with us the people on the street and that they sit in the same order of knights and use the greatest tool of absolute power ”intimidation propaganda” an old known ruling technique.

Just like the mafia does at a lower level.

Then you divide the territories between them or you create a so-called v.ä.r.l.d. government which is only possible if the little people are so afraid of each other that they give up their sovereignty just like some countries have just done on an absolute o.d.e.m.o.c.r.a.t.i.c way.

This is justified due to the fear of the dangerous direction East, so to speak.

Then we have the prophecy with the environment and the end of the earth. It goes without saying that we should have a clean world to live in, but there are many unanswered questions from scientists who question d.o.o.m.d.a.y prophecy. One has to ask why respectful open discussions are not held so that everyone can understand.

For example, why the environmental taxes are not earmarked. Why all environmentally friendly goods are the most expensive. In most of the countries in the world that are poor, environmental thinking is only a luxury item.

Why is the world still sending hazardous waste to the developing countries that really can’t handle it. Is it to create a healthier and cleaner world, one might ask. Do you know Congo and buy the copper mines that Sweden is involved in, while we ordinary people pay environmental taxes there billions of times to environmentally destructive industries, so also to the coal power plants in Germany that the state bought.

Let’s not forget plastic which still spoils and destroys the oceans and nature on land, yes there is a lot that the environmental taxes could be used for, but no, the money goes to other things such as possible costs for direct or indirect weapons industry which really spoils the environment, but there you don’t care about d.o.o.m.d.a.y  prophecy even though it’s the same small group of people who promote doomsday and w.a.r.m.o.n.g.e.r

This dual approach where k.r.i.g is the absolute biggest environmental offender is not consistent with a rapid change to a cleaner, healthier D.e.m.oc.r.a.t.i.c world, instead we are scared of the end of our existence.

These forces with 2 horns on the head symbolically embody themselves via the perfection of power of the dark souls and the unquestioning man.

When the perfection of power is perfected, this dark force becomes the god of the earth.

This is only possible because of scared people pitted against each other!

Something that Religion, Kings or other powers try with throughout human history.

Romans, Christianity, Greeks, Khan of Mongolia, Jews, Islam, etc

All have tried to carry the banner of justification in exchange for the sweetness of power and all that this entails.

Yes of course it is insane!!!

Now we stand again in front of this gate of evil with blind people who in their fear try to open this dark door in the belief that salvation will be found with their v.a.p.e.n and their h.a.t as a distorted banner of peace.

Straight into the trap of darkness and the digital prison.

The lamb that blindly follows its shepherd = (fear)

And before the gates are closed for good, the possibly long-awaited solution will come with forming a world g.o.v.e.r.n.m.e.n.t thereby getting peace and tranquility on mother earth in exchange for human freedom, free speech, integrity the d.e.m.o.c.r.a.c.y

etc. yes exactly what makes us humans unique and who we are. To get our different opinions, etc

When the illusion has reached its peak, it is easy to say yes to something you would definitely say no to if fear did not push harder.

Then the gates of darkness slam hard again when they

most are inside.

Don’t we see that the agreements of p.e.a.c.e, the p.e.a.c.e conversations are conspicuous by their absence.

The v.i.o.l.e.n.c.e is triggered by non-questioning people.

So both on street level and in world p.o.l.i.t.i.c.s

A justification of w.a.r.m.o.n.g.e.r hatred and at the same time repression against all who raise their voice against this insanity.

This is of course just a fairy tale that is completely unreasonable.

But if this unreasonable c.o.n.s.p.i.r.a.c.y theory had been true, we all nationalities (people) would have been deceived, as the hatred and fear made us so blinded.

So man remains imprisoned on one side and the 2 horns, yes you know who I mean, have then had most of us silenced and deprived of our free beautiful identity.

The power of light is to say what one thinks and thinks. Where at the same time you try to understand through respectful discussions with love, respect and understanding with the human r.i.g.h.t.s as a framework.

The best greatest tool of p.o.w.e.r is precisely fear and the opposite is the razor-sharp truth that becomes clear through questioning.

So don’t silence your friends but listen and analyze together with p.e.a.c.e banner.

This is not a team sport you cheer for, this is about life and our reality.

Everyone wants to understand, and no one wants to get lost in an illusion. A saga about a community where the strength lies in the fact that we the people have a cohesiveness 👉❤️

Peace Love Understanding

Magnus Rosén

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