Lectures in Rotary

Today I had a talk at Rotary Örgryte Gothenburg / Hotel Heden.
Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but I got a standing ovation from everyone who came your way plus extra visitors who were a little curious.
It’s not too bad for a talk I must say. Hats off to me. 👉❤️ 🎩
(The musical piece stretches with a width of 400 years)

These visits have been many to various Rotary clubs in Sweden, but also some secret orders.

This includes my dreams, visions and my faith in the future, which are reinforced with my tools, which are live music, pictures, film and stories, etc.

To spread desire, inspiration, light, hope and at the same time try to see the nuances between black and white symbolically.

Also do these talks / appearances for municipalities, student associations, schools, companies, Consulates, Embassies, Government delegation, multicultural schools, the Police, Customs, the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce to visit Favelas / Ghettos, schools, associations etc in other countries.’’

Now on the agenda are Örsåsgården in Svenljunga and Chalmers University of Technology with my talk / lecture: Dreams, Visions and Faith for the Future.

This is one of my dreams to use music as a tool and carve out visions, to dare to believe in yourself, to see possibilities and to create desire to live.

We are all brothers and sisters on mother earth, creating bridges instead of walls is the vision that drives me in the sign of love.

 The earth is not an evil place, but the actions of some people are evil and are spread through unquestioning people.

Make the world a better place
Love, p.e.a.c.e & Understanding
Questions give knowledge
Free s.p.e.e.c.h gives a F.r.e.e World.

Magnus Rosen – Ambassador for Green Cross
P.e.a.c.e on Mother Earth
Green-Cross www.green-cross.se


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