My concert entrance fee was 2 kg of food!

This was given in full to these people as well as many more during some solo bass tours in South America.

Conditions that I myself created. In other words, my own desire and interest in meeting people from all walks of life. The last tour I did together with Rotary, because the money stoped rolling in from the time in Hammerfall .

I don’t do this because I’m better than any other person, but I do it because I can and want to!

I run my own errands, not others’.

So I try to use the little light that has been allotted to me.

This brings joy to all involved.

I am not rich 💰 in money but I am wealthy in the ways of others where mammon cannot cultivate its sweetness.

These are probably values ​​that most of us have.

You just have to make it visible to yourself.💛

This is being rich for real.

My dream is to tour once a year with

💯% return to the needy with or without other musicians.

To be continued 👉❤️🙏


* Peace starts with friendship

* Make the world a better place

* Love, p.e.a.c.e & Understanding

* I see evil as undeveloped

I am an Ambassador for RNS – the National Union of Stations: A Narcotic-Free Society

Magnus Rosén – Ambassador for Green Cross

P.e.a.c.e on Mother Earth


I am an Ambassador for RSK national association stop men’s violence against women

I am an Ambassador for an attempt at spiritual maturity

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