Our world!!!

I long for a committee of truth in our world. 

An apolitical newspaper, an apolitical news channel. 

A non-judgmental religion! 

God is God and symbolizes himself, among other things, through human ” She & He, Animals and Nature”

Religion is man’s tool of power.

 Longing for a society that tries to stay together, as we are, after all, brothers and sisters. 

I myself am looking for our similarities, not for our differences !!! 

Want to build bridges instead of creating walls. 

No skin color or gender answers which person you are. Only the nuance of the soul makes a difference. 

Love ❤️ Peace ❤️ Respect ❤️Understanding ❤️ 

Good to remember: 

A little man never creates a war !!! Only those who are obsessed with perfection of power. 

Picture Cornelia Schmidt




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