Föreläsningar som bjuder på livslust!Live musik, drömmar visioner och framtidstro.Bilder, kort film i en sagolik berättelser om en liten kille med drömmar om världen och musiken.Passar alla åldrar. Företag, skolor, föreningar, kyrkor, universitet, event.Referenser: Västsvenska Handelskammarn 350 års jubileum Med bl.a Wallenberg, Petter Stordalen, Leif Johansson, Magnus Rosén m.fl.Länstyrelsen med bl.a vår fd Landshövding Polisen Göteborgs musikhögskola…

A memory

The piece is called: A Memory. Memories shape who we are today. George Keczan on grand piano & Magnus Rosén on bass Fässberg Church. From the album The World Changes: Magnus www.magnusrosen.com www.culturemeetsindustry.com #magnusrosen #georgkeczan #bassplayer #mannebass # fässbergskyrkan #theworldchanges #manneinstrument #manneguitars #ebs #drstrings #rollsroyce #bentley #you #me #love #peace #understanding #thesea #sun #heavymetal 

Philosophic mind


Philosophically speaking, one can probably say that every day we put a seed that will be the tree of tomorrow.What seed do we, you, me and everyone else plant to get a plant that gives color for a good prosperous future? The positive spiral does not need much to get started.Lifting your friends and friends…

Land of Spirits

The land of the spirits is called this paragraph. One day I was sitting in my old house from the 18th century, thinking about my father who had moved on to the other side a number of years ago.Yes, some say they can reach that side with a developed spiritual mind, so my thinking was…

The World Changes


The new thing in Fashion is to question, show that you can think for yourself, predict and not be fooled.Think new, fresh and long-term. You are not deceitful just because you are poor.You are also not honest just because you are rich or have a position in society. The outside does not say the most…


Jörgen Alnevall, Jens Ericsson, Ulf Edelbrant, Magnus Rosén
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