The 3 keys

In the thin line between philosophy and reality.

The 3 keys: Objectivity and Perspective and the word ”Why”

If you have lost your way and lost your energy, the proof for yourself is a lack of objectivity, perspective and a non-questioning mindset.

Then perhaps these are the 3 most important keys to understanding society’s misleading rhetoric.

As in an example: in a statement there can be a chain of either a domino effect or more links.

What appears many times in a message is only the part of the link that benefits the narrator’s purpose / a.g.e.n.d.a.

An important keyword is, as I said, ”why” With this word, you can pull, turn and twist the chain to anticipate consequences. So also highlight bits before and after the purported link’s message.

If you look at events in our society today and compare it to the history of man, it is easier to understand that man has not developed mentally that much. The m.a.k.t addiction, the allure and temptation of p.e.r.f.e.c.t.i.o.n of p.o.w.e.r sweetness doesn’t seem to have abated.

In the m.a.k.t.e.n.’s intoxicating state of mind, horns can grow in a bottomless egotism.

These actions are often justified by misleading perspectives that can also go under the heading of p.r.o.p.a.g.a.n.d.a

The morals and ethics that create security, where togetherness with responsibility shines with its absence.

Lying is suddenly ok, thus a consequence follows where a distortion of reality takes place and deceives.

Without objectivity, it is easy to step into the dark labyrinths where vision loses focus from the core.

These 3 keys Objectivity and Perspective and the word ”Why” are enough to unlock their own mentally closed doors but also the gates to what is happening on our mother earth.

Since most of us are good people, it is easy to believe what someone says.

Yes, you simply have a trust.

But there are many shades and layers. Those who are more immature in their souls do not always understand the consequences of their short-term actions, or simply ignore responsibility for their own gain.

It applies at all levels, rich or poor, titles or not.

Some people believe that many times they cannot understand, hence just follow the flow in the belief that everyone cannot be wrong, but without questioning.

Today, the light bearers are more important than ever as I see it before an awakening.

* Questioning is not evil.

* Being objective is about wisdom and prudence.

* Trying to see different sides of an action is trying to have foresight. The word c.o.n.s.p.i.r.a.c.y which of course is used in the governing ranks, where you turn and twist m.a.k.t questions to try to understand how to steer in the direction that one’s p.o.l.i.t.i.c.i.a.n color maintains. Where the m.a.k.t.e. sadly seems to be more important than the content.

Behind the curtains of colors lies something: which works without being seen. A governing structure that possibly produces the performance.

Yes, the contours of the theater salons of the shadows are finally beginning to emerge.

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Make the world a better place
Love, p.e.a.c.e & Understanding
Questions give knowledge
Free s.p.e.e.c.h gives a F.r.e.e World.

Magnus Rosen – Ambassador for Green Cross
P.e.a.c.e on Mother Earth

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