To reflect is not evil!

To reflect and share is to care about other people.

In my case, it’s not about political trends, but in general in our society.

I think most of us can’t bear to see the truth, but turn our backs and move on.

This should be because one has abused one’s trust in society with too much misleading information.

I sometimes write what I experience, right or wrong, it’s up to everyone to decide.

I wrote to our city minister with the question: (When do you intend to remove opinion censorship, as this does not fit in a democratic country like Sweden.)

But there was no answer, not surprising since the sensitivity shines with its absence towards the people at large.

As we humans have different opinions, sometimes it is to the right or to the left. Yes, there are propagandists who only favor a power structure.

But as an example of if something is worse, wrong, bad, fake, etc. then we must have the right to discuss this without being censored?

By that I don’t mean censorship in terms of hate or hangings, political distortion of the truth which, sadly enough, both our media and politicians make unrestrained use of. This rhetoric is so nicely called PK.

Now it turns out that some of our social internet platforms are in the business of blocking people’s opinions.

As an example of how we see society and its issues. So we do not have the right to discuss and double check whether what is circulating in society is truthful or not.

If you want a platform without opinions, it is important, I think, that this has a ”marking” on the page, which stands for (No opinions, no politics, no religion, so also ”no propaganda”, no advertising, etc.)

Here, then, society must provide a political platform for people where they can discuss properly.

A place where the ruling politics makes itself responsive, if you are interested in the people you represent vs.

When I was younger, it was nice to care about each other, to have morals and ethics, so also to say what you thought and thought but with respect that others may think differently.

It is the case that we all think alike and differently. Some say what they think others think but don’t dare to talk about their opinions.

Having an opinion is nice, it shows responsibility towards one’s own experience, that you care and that you want to seek answers to gain a greater understanding. But silencing someone has no place in a democratic society.

Opinions that are against human rights should have a warning triangle in my opinion.

But then there must be evidence for this outside the PK dictatorship.

If it happens in the Riksdag Theatre, there must be a court decision that this is correct, so that you don’t stamp, hang someone out with misleading propaganda.

But this morality and ethics are no longer fine, but sadly enough people’s opinions are being censored.

They call it PK, i.e. Politically Correct. PK can be strongly right or left or only favor the power. After all, this depends on who draws the guidelines on what should be called PK.

It feels like a completeness of power is beginning to emerge in the Western world, so also in Sweden.

Everyone will be affected sooner or later, right and left and everyone in between.

Having a culture of silence with opinion censorship, criticism, or praise, etc.

This creates a dictatorial rhetoric whether we like it or not.

Behind such rhetoric there is no right or left, there is only completeness of power. Dictatorship can be west or right with different political colors on the clothes. Simply what suits the situation best.

Therefore, it is important to let each other have different opinions, and respect this even though you may not agree on the matter.

I think most people think basically the same, but get stuck on the different value of the words.

Or that you haven’t really thought through your opinions.

Religious and cultural differences exist, but there the development of society must help to understand e.g. equality between the sexes, etc.

A word may have a certain value for one person, but for another person that particular word may be more or less loaded.

One can have assertiveness yay struggle with, easy to feel attacked, maybe even prone to aggression and hatred.

And some have no qualms about hanging people out with a distortion of the truth to justify their own views. This is not pretty and, in my opinion, represents an undeveloped human being. This can give rise to hatred, which is very serious.

The most dangerous thing is not our different opinions but the power that silences the man who lives in society.

There we all get affected and there we lose our human value and become only a cog in an economic cogwheel.

Sadly, there are indications that this is creeping into our living rooms.

If we put on the gags, this prophecy will become a reality.

If we don’t care, we will leave behind a society to the younger generation that, in any case, I feel both embarrassed and sad about.

When I write about society, it is directly or indirectly about the value of man ebbing away against the perfection of power.

I am not writing to elevate myself but because I am worried that

we just follow each other without questioning, without sometimes even trying to understand.

I’m not the right person to judge anyone, but I’m sorry that our reality is filled with fears instead of love, respect, caring, helpful, wanting to try to understand, morals and ethics, to take responsibility as a human being.

That our borders are blurring, where even our security in society that we see is crumbling day by day.

Have been writing texts and musings for quite a few years now.

The reactions are ”few” but oh so nice and beautiful.

Writing is fun, so are philosophical thoughts. thoughts and reflections.

Dax to let the spiritual from the deep rainforests intertwine our Nordic roots to try to blossom into a new way of valuing life’s adventures.

Far away from mammon’s values.


Make the world a better place

Love, p.e.a.c.e & Understanding

Questions give knowledge

Free s.p.e.e.c.h gives a F.r.e.e World.

Magnus Rosen – Ambassador for Green Cross

P.e.a.c.e on Mother Earth


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