Few words!

94-year-old Clint Estwood is ” telling ”Dont not look for luxury in watches or bracelets, do not look for luxury in forks or sails. Luxury is laughter and friends, luxury is rain on your face, luxury is hugs and kisses. Don´t look for luxury in shops, don´t look for it in gifts, dont look for…

Life is magic!

A little earth angel and the magical spiritual book of life! The little earth angel told man that life is an exposure and a reflection of our inner self? With our choices in life, we automatically write our own history book. Like a farmer planting his seeds. But as in this case, the seeds are…

The Voice of Black Sabbath

Tony Martin – The Voice of Black Sabbath for 10 years New releases with a Black Sabbath box!Tony Iommi & Tony Martin Im so happy for Tony! This album,s been gone from the music shops many years now!But now they are back! 👉❤️🤘. Your flag has been raised best Tony Martin Just some…

Rock me with B ai Bang

Bai Bang celebrates Abbas’s 50th anniversary with the song Rock MeAvailable on the album and video!Diddi who sings in Bai Bang is friends with one of the members of ABBA hence this interpretation of the song. I myself ( Magnus ) also have a playing partner who recorded 50 songs with ABBA, his name is…



❤️🙏 Bästa !!!! Detta jobb som Mikael Engström samt medhjälpare gör är såååå viktigt speciellt när rädslans tid förmörkar sinnena på människor.Ditt jobb Milael ger ljuset som skär i mörkret. Det som nog är det största mörkret i vår värld är våra infekterade sinnen.Med detta ” Glada Nyheter – Tillit ” mission som ger ljus,…

Carrying the light

Carrying the light and love is probably the most powerful movement here on mother earth! It illuminates the activities of the shadows where the dark souls have their nests that distort the truth for us humans only for their own gain! Not questioning but simply following implanted misleading contradictions does not lead to bridge building,…


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