New´s from Brazil

More magazine articles from the Amazon!!Hats off to this!!!Spreading good news makes life worth living!

Left Manaus!

We left the Rainforests of Manaus last night and headed to Brasilia for new adventures. The Tree Of Life Tour – Solobass Magnus

Blogg 13 The tree Of Life Tour

Blog 13 ” The Tree  Of Life Tour ” together with Green Cross blogs for Sweden Rock Magazine. The breeze was welcome as I leaned over the dock and a pink bill looked out of the water. Hot hot hot 😅 it was also this day. A dolphin and 2.3 more were collected. Yes, such…

New about the Tree of live tour in the Brazilian media

Newspaper news from Brazil regarding our The Tree Of Life Tour: 📲 Check more em: 2. 3. It is also television from the largest television company in Brazil that will broadcast elements of our mission.Who could dream of this attention, which is also so important. All you have to do is lift your hat 🎩!…

Blog 12 – The Tree Of Life Tour

Blog 12 ” The Tree Of Life Tour ” together with Green Cross blogs for Sweden Rock Magazine. What would the world have looked like if we had followed the path of peace instead of mammon’s 😈 path are thoughts that appear! What days and such experiences here in the Amazon. Manaus, located in the…

Solobass show in Manaus

Tonight’s solo bass concert in Manaus / Amazonas Magnus.


Jörgen Alnevall, Jens Ericsson, Ulf Edelbrant, Magnus Rosén
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