Trust your own instinct!!

What I mean specifically is all communication between people in all situations. So who is who really? ❤️ Who is in favor of other people’s opinions, (with interest in the follow-up question)? = improvement, growth, maturing, advancement, progress, advance, progress, progression, evolution, 😈 Who is against other people’s opinions (without interest in the answer)? = stagnation, stopping,…

Live Musik

Ett stort tack till den bästa publiken och trevligaste stället ” Kings Hill ”  i går. Underbara medmusikanter som gjorde kvällen🤘❤️🤠. Helge Hanssen, Mikael Erlandsson, Denis Siret Yurtsever plus gäster på scenen Thord & David. Cool bild av David Gunvik🤘🤠. Magnus Love Peace Understanding Humanism Transparent Honesty Sincerity. #magnusrosen #bassplayer #mannebass #mrb…

This is a possibility!

Love Peace Understanding Humanism Transparent Honesty Sincerity. Magnus Photo: Bengt Persson START #magnusrosen #bassplayer #mannebass #mrb #manneguitars

The question!


The truth is, among other things, to question, to also be able to recognize that I could be wrong and have shortcomings in one’s own perception. Seeking answers that can be related to reality. Condemning the ”issue” is the opposite of the responsibility to maintain ”the human rights” (NO person sits on all the answers)…

Its time to rock the world again

Its time to Rock the world again with M.R.B 4 samples of 12 songs and 1 sample of 5 bonus tracks = 17 songs. This is my first own rock album out of my 10 solo albums which have been more experimental. This time it’s with my band M.R.B, which pays tribute to artists and…

Brev till Regeringen !!!

Mitt brev till Sveriges regering som är skickat i dag ang drivmedel och el priser. Hej Mitt namn är Magnus Rosén. Jag med många andra känner och undrar hur Sveriges riksdag resonerar när medborgarna kläms åt av Regeringens politik. Före jag skickar detta till tidningarna önskar jag en kommentar från er som är mer tydlig…


Jörgen Alnevall, Jens Ericsson, Ulf Edelbrant, Magnus Rosén
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